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Minimum order: 4 pc. Lead time currently: 3-5 weeks. Size. Choose an option 6" x 12" x 12'' Ballistic Block (36 lbs) Vulcanized Rubber 6" x 12" x 24" Ballistic Block (72 lbs) Vulcanized Rubber 8" X 8" X 16" Ballistic Block (41 lbs) Vulcanized Rubber 9" x 12" x 24" Ballistic Block (105 lbs) Vulcanized Rubber. Color. Choose an option Black.

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Ballistic rubber blocks are meant for direct fire and are ideal for a primary bullet trap backstop in firing ranges. The blocks are also used in wall construction of shoot houses and advanced training facilities to capture rounds, defeat ricochet, reduce splatter, and minimize airborne lead particles. Our formulated proprietary compound and ...

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silicone rubber sheet silicone rubber rolls (36.00" & 48.00" wide) silicone rubber strip fda silicone rubber sheet fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber clear silicone rubber translucent silicone rubber mil spec aa-59588 silicone rubber

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CRS ballistic rubber provides strength, elasticity, and durability while our competitor's parts are quickly shredded and reduced to messy lead-filled piles. We are a premium manufacturer and supplier of superior quality and eco-friendly ballistic rubber parts designed for varied use in military, law enforcement, and private ranges.

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Ballistic Rubber Tiles are used to stop bullets which helps to prevent ricochets and lead splash-backs thereby reducing lead dust propagated from repeated range firing. The ballistic rubber tiles are high density, strength and elasticity to provide safe live fire environment. Ballistic Rubber tiles are designed for use in shooting ranges and ...

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Our parts will outlast our competition guaranteed. We specialize in rubber and we make the best ballistic parts on the market. We continue to gain customers ...

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Ballistic Rubber Products are manufactured by surfer-based cross linking with time temperature and pressure to produce a high quality product that is dense and durable. Ballistic Rubber for shooting ranges is designed specifically to protect personnel and infrastructure and provide a safe live fire environment.

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Rubbermax® Pro Grade Ballistic Rubber Sheets are ideal for a wide range of benefits. These sheets are designed to provide a safe live fire environment by controlling bullets on contact, stopping ricochet and self-healing after impact. The vulcanized rubber sheets are used in a variety of environments including shooting

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Product Summary: High-Density Ballistic Rubber tiles for anti-ricochet used in shooting ranges. Made from granulated recycled tyre rubber. Available in 500x500mm & 1000x500mm tile size & 50mm thickness. Mostly popular in Black. Other possible colours in red, green, blue. Either top pigmented or full pigmented.

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Ballistic rubber is used to prevent escapes and ricochets in gun training ranges. Rubber can stop some rounds (depending on the thickness) but usually not. The rubber allows the bullets to pass through it and then strike a hard surface.

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Ballistic Rubber Tiles BRT from Super Trap can be applied on walls, baffles, ceilings and floors. They facilitate the capture of bullets to prevent ricochets and lead splashback thereby drastically reducing lead dust. BRTs are also helpful in attenuating noise levels, a feature especially noticed on indoor ranges.

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The ballistic rubber blocks, tiles and panels are designed for safety and ballistic protection. Available Sizes: 1.5" x 2' x 2' Standard Ballistic Panel (36 lbs) 1.5" x 2' x 2' Ballistic CRS Fit Panel (36 lbs) 2"x 2'x2' Ballistic Rubber Panel (48 lbs) 2"x 2'x 3' Ballistic Rubber Panel (72 lbs) 2"x 2'x 4' Ballistic Rubber Panel (96 lbs)

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Super Target Systems Bullet Trap 12" x 12", 1" Ballistic Rubber Face, Enclosed to Reduce Lead Dust, for .22.38 Special.40, 9 mm .45.357 Caliber 4.6 out of 5 stars 18 1 offer from $199.95

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Ballistic Rubber Our Ballistic Rubber Blocks, Panels/Tiles and Acoustic Panels/Tiles provide the ultimate protection to people and infrastructure during small arms live fire weapons use. Ballistic Rubber [email protected] Home About Us Products Contact Us prevnext Made in the U.S.A.

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Our ballistic rubber tiles come 2' by 2' by 2" (37 lbs) $29.00 each and in 3' by 3' by 2" (60 lbs) at $41.00 each less in larger volumes of 25 or more. Add $6.00 per tile on less than 25. Call us for a quote 440-576-7711 or email for a quick quote We ship from our Ohio plant.

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Ballistic rubber panels/tiles are meant for indirect fire (side walls, ceilings, floors) and are designed to reduce ricochet, splatter, and airborne lead. Size: 24"H x 24"W x 2"D Special Order Depths: 1", 1.5", 1.75" Weight: 37 lbs SPEC SHEET Price Varies by …

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Environment: Dry Industry: Shooting Ranges, Military, Sports and Recreation Customization: Labeling Available Size: 2' x 2' (61cm +/- 0.5cm x 61cm +/- 0.5cm), 3' x 3' (91.5cm +/- 0.5cm x 91.5cm +/- 0.5cm) Available Thickness: 25mm +/- 5mm Available Finish: Smooth impression Material Composition: NR Standards Complied with: REACH, RoHS, Cal Prop 65

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Brand. BIOFLEX. · Made of tough rubber particles that are bound by a polyurethane binder. Exhibits excellent anti-ricochet properties. Tested to a complete spectrum of the most common small arms calibers and ammunition used by the Military, Enforcement and Civilians. Sizes: 505 mm x 505 mm [20" x 20"], 1010 mm x 505 mm [40" x 20"] and.

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The vulcanized rubber panels are designed for military, law enforcement, and private range use. Cumberland Rubber Supply ballistic panels and tiles can be made with CRS-FIT options. CRS-FIT Technology is a ballistic rubber panel with a 1" x 1" inset around the perimeter. (Creating seamless overlapping edges) Our ballistic rubber contains built ...

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Distributor of ballistic rubber for use as bullet trap media and tactical training mulch. Rubber is comprised of styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR)/aramid laminate material and cut into 3 in. chips with random width and thickness. Packaged and delivered in 2000 lb. sacks banded to standard 40 in. x 48 in. pallets.

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Our ballistic rubber is only a portion of our total ballistic containment system and should not be used alone as a way to stop and encapsulate live fire ammo. Dura-Bloc™ and Dura-Panel™ are Licensed and Manufactured under U.S. Patent No. 5,316,708.

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Whether you're using ballistic rubber blocks at a firing range or ballistic rubber tile for a sound-suppressing floor, you have a durable, safety-promoting surface option with our ballistic blocks. This product is designed with a "Kevlar"-like fabric that's encapsulated in the layers for maximum absorption and durability.

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Our Ballistic Rubber Mulch. Improves shooting range performance and acoustics. Non-biodegradable, low maintenance. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly. Improves air quality in ranges by reducing airborne lead dust. Does not attract insects or …

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ballistic rubber tiles that can be used in kindergarten classrooms, gym floors, and even in the outdoors as safe and protective playing surfaces. The. ballistic rubber tiles are made of innovative rubber materials and relevant additives that …

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Ballistic Rubber Systems (knee walls, backstops, modular live-fire shoot houses) OUR CREDIBILITY. We back our products with an extensive warranty and a nationwide service organization. ATS Targets offers products and services under its GSA contract in order to expedite government purchases. WE'RE HERE TO HELP

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The Vulcanized Ballistic Rubber – Standard or Custom Molded Shapes – Contact us for pricing (908) 355-8600 is a high quality target provided by the Target Shop LLC, one of the oldest manufacturers of shooting range targets and custom target range solutions in North America.

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Designed specifically for the ballistic market, BLAST is American Biltrite's proven Natural Rubber solution to provide the ultimate protection for firearm users. BLAST® effectively prevents the return of bullet fragments, shrapnel, and lead dust and contributes to a safer and cleaner shooting environment. Explore our Ballistic Products.

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Ballistic rubber is a type of material used to in shooting ranges. One such application for ballistic rubber is an anti-ricochet device, allowing bullets and other small objects to enter the surface without bouncing back out. Ballistic rubber also offers encapsulation properties, slowing down incoming rounds.

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Ballistic Rubber Sheet. Categories: Ballistic Rubber Sheet. Contact Now. Safety is a top consideration in the design of any shooting range. JDTOP Ballistic Rubber are engineered with premium natural rubber which provide outstanding resilience, strength and resistance to cutting and tearing. Effectively help protect shooter against dangerous ...

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Ballistic Rubber Blocks and Panels. D5 Ranges' ballistic rubber blocks and panels are designed to slow and capture rounds while containing most bullet fragments and reducing back splatter, especially at close ranges. Our rubber comes in blocks, sheets, and panels made from a proprietary composition of granulated rubber that has been tested ...

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Ballistic Rubber Products. At ATS Targets, we supply a wide variety of ballistic rubber products. For example, we carry panels, tiles, curtains, and blocks. These products are multi-purpose. So, you may quickly assemble these products and add on to your current firing ranges and shoothouses. Also, these products are high in quality.

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Rutec Ballistic Rubber. 313 likes. Rutec ballastic anti splash rubber is a "self healing" rubber designed for shooting ranges to protect the shooter from projectile rebounds.

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Ballistic tiles are great for walls, backing a trap or anywhere you want to protect from ricochets. A full 1/4" thicker than most of our competitors ballistic tile. All products are made from recycled rubber and a specially engineered polymer binder.

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Ballistic Rubber Blocks Usable both indoors and outdoors, our ballistic rubber blocks are made to be able to stop bullets in their tracks and allow for easier clean-outs. At ballistic shooting ranges, you must provide great sound suppression and reduce ricochet and dust.

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DESCRIPTION. Top Features for Ballistic Rubber Tiles 2x2 ft Black. 1.5 inch thick self sealing rubber tile. Reduces vibration and sound levels. Use on walls, ceilings and floors. Glue down for adhesive. Durable and resilient. Made in the USA from …

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Ballistic Rubber Tiles. Made of tough rubber particles that are bound by a polyurethane binder. Exhibits excellent anti-ricochet properties. Tested to a complete spectrum of the most common small arms calibers and ammunition used by the Military, Enforcement and Civilians.