16th - 18th Century. Scottish 16th to 18th Century. American War of Independence. Napoleonic. WAR of 1812 - US Forces. Flags and Regimental colours. CIVILIAN. British …

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French male actor or performer dressed in a 18th century naval officer uniform acting out the role of Robert Surcouf, St.Malo. "Farewell to Nelson", Portsmouth, September 14th, 1805'. By Andrew Carrick Gow (1848-1920).

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Plastic Model Military Figures. Shop online for over 2,200 plastic model military figures at discounts up to 55%. Tamiya is ranked #1 out of 51 plastic model military figures manufacturers, followed by Italeri, and Hat Industries Figures.

The impact of China on the history of technology

This military manual also gave directions for making a bomb using gunpowder so most historians believe that bombs or grenades were used by Chinese troops from before the 11th century. And, although the Chinese did use gunpowder in fireworks for religious purposes, they also used gunpowder in cannons, rockets, and guns.

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Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 921(a)(16) defines antique firearms as all guns manufactured prior to 1899. This law exempts antique firearms from any form of gun control or special engineering. IMA considers all antique guns offered on our website as non-firing, inoperable and/or inert.

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CHINA: HISTORY OF DRESS. Chinese clothing changed considerably over the course of some 5,000 years of history, from the Bronze Age into the twentieth century, but also maintained elements of long-term continuity during that span of time. The story of dress in China is a story of wrapped garments in silk, hemp, or cotton, and of superb technical skills in weaving, dyeing, …

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Buttons sewn to military uniforms and worn during conflicts are among of the most popular areas of military-related collecting.In the United States, buttons from the Civil War are especially sought after, and are often described as being "dug" and or "non dug," depending on whether or not they have been excavated. That, however, does not mean that a tarnished button is …

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In the Chinese clothing early 17th century in North China, Nurhachi, Asian clothing and oriental clothing great political and military strategist, unified the Chinese clothing various Nuzhen tribes and set up the Chinese clothing Eight Banner System. Later he led his troops into Beijing and overthrew the Chinese clothing Ming Dynasty.

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Red coat (also spelled as "redcoat") or scarlet tunic is a military garment used widely, though not exclusively worn, by most regiments of the British Army, Royal Marines, and some colonial units within the British Empire, from the 17th to the 20th centuries. The scarlet tunic continues to be used into the 21st century, with several armed forces of the Commonwealth of Nations …

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Antique 16th–17th century Turkish Ottoman Islamic War Axe to sword. $740.00. Time left:8d 23h 26m. Antique Balkan Silver Plated Military Gorget Greek Or Serbian to sword Greece. $980.00. Time left:2d 8h 46m.

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American Indian Wars, Old West and Spanish American (Span-Am) War U.S. military uniforms. Officers and enlisted uniforms of the United States army from 1865 - 1899. Authentic, High Quality, Made in USA.

How Impractical were Eighteenth-Century Soldiers' Uniforms?

Dear Reader, When discussing the aesthetics of the eighteenth century, people often comment on the garish nature of military clothing. On the surface, it may seem that the wars of the eighteenth century were "wars in lace," and the period was "a decorative interval."[1] Uniforms are often used as a piece of evidence to assert that eighteenth-century warfare …

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While there was no official "Navy" uniform until 1748, by the 18th Century, breeches are specifically referred to in the 1706 Admiralty Slop Contracts, and are also the fashionable thing for the landsmen of the time. "Venetian breeches" or simply "venetians" were common with sailors from the 16-18th centuries.

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for Historic Clothing - Military Uniforms - Renaissance and Religious Order Cloaks - Pea Coats - Winter Overcoats - Santa Claus Suits - School Jackets - Wool accents on leather bags . Excellent wool broadcloth fabric is now available. This wool weighs 24 oz/ linear yard, and is an incredible 60 inches (1.524 m.) in loom width. The 24 oz weight ...

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the early 18 th century are pewter, but by the mid-18 century large numbers of cast brass and copper (i.e. copper alloy) buttons were produced. Cut/Carved Used for bone, ivory, shell, wood, and other organic materials that are cut or carved by hand or machine. Drawn Most commonly applies to drawn glass buttons and wire metal buttons.

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The sentry in 18th century German military uniform looks surprised. Die Schildwache. ... Qing Imperial court portraits of senior Manchu military officers, known as Bannermen, mid-18th century. From the time China was brought …

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Soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army during the Satsuma Rebellion (Garrison of Kumamoto, 1877).. 1886 Blue uniform []. Resembling the Imperial German Army M1842/M1856 dunkelblau uniform, the dark blue single-breasted tunic had a low standing collar and no pockets. It was worn with matching straight trousers and a kepi (red for Imperial Guard) on which was worn a …

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18th century sutlers Below is a list of good colonial merchants who can supply much of what a Glover sailor or camp follower will need. These merchants and sutlers are generally well-known to the living history community and often attend events with their wares.

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History Bunker Ltd World War 1 and World War 2 reproduction military uniforms. Since 2006 the company and product range has grown rapidly and we now carry over 1000 product lines including WW1 British Army uniforms, WW1 Anzac uniforms, WW1 German uniforms, WW2 Soviet Red Army uniforms, WW2 Italian uniforms, WW2 Japanese uniforms as well as …

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During the 18th century, tartan was co-opted from Scottish family symbol to military uniform under James Francis Edward Stuart's 1714 rebellion against the …

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The recorded military history of China extends from about 2200 BC to the present day. Chinese pioneered the use of crossbows, advanced metallurgical standardization for arms and armor, early gunpowder weapons, and other advanced weapons, but also adopted nomadic cavalry and Western military technology. China's armies also benefited from an advanced logistics …

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At American Heritage Clothing you have the distinct advantage of dealing directly with the seamstress who is designing and custom sewing your project. Large companies and outsourcing to China simply cannot compare to being able to have a direct line to your personal seamstress. Uniforms need to fit properly, be comfortable and long-lasting.

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The first Chinese ceramics — handbuilt earthenware pots — date back tens of thousands of years to the Palaeolithic period, but it was not until the Sui and Tang dynasties (581–907 AD) that technology developed sufficiently for craftsmen to be able to produce uniform vessels on the wheel and colourful glazes in the kiln.

Tanning Hides to make Leather in the 18th Century.

18th Century History; 18th Century Life. 42nd Royal Highland Regiment 1815ad. 62nd New York. American Civil War group in Australia. 77th Highland Regiment Of Foot- Montgomerie's Highlanders. 92nd Gordon Highlanders 1815 (Australia) A Beginner's Guide To Woodland Indian Reenacting. A Covilheira - A Middle Ages Blog. A Most Peculiar Mademoiselle

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Shanxi Province, China where a silk cocoon was found cut in half, dating back to between 4000 and 3000 BC. Chinese people mastered sophisticated silk weaving tech and closely guarded secret, and the West had to pay gold of the same weight for the silks. In ancient times the silk was a very important item made in China and for

German and Austrian military uniforms in the 18th century.

German and Austrian military uniforms in the 18th century. Top row left: Württemberg military around 1730. Uniforms of Grenadier, Knight-Captain and General. Right: Württemberg military from 1724 to 1738. Uniforms of …

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Jas. Townsend & Son Inc. is a manufacturer and retailer of quality reproduction 18th and early 19th Century clothing and personal accessories. We service the living history community, historic sites, museums, and theatrical, motion picture, and television production companies. Skillfully made, reasonably priced, satisfaction guaranteed.

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Raff Military Textile is one of the leading companies in the military textile market, in addition to consolidating itself as one of the best military uniform manufacturers of military equipment and military clothing in Euroasia, so many countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe have boosted their confidence to the company to make the ...

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Manufacturers of fine Quality Reproduction Military Uniforms for the Mexican War, Civil War, Indian War and Spanish-American War time periods. Men's Civilian clothing for the 1800-1880 Federal/ Regency thru Victorian periods. Most items can be ordered thru this website. All our garments made in Michigan, in the U S A!

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Austrian and Prussian Military uniforms 18th century. Second half of the 18th century. Top row left: Austrian General and officer from 1760 to 1775. Right: Husar and infantryman. Bottom row left: Prussian officer of the guard battalion. Prussian Grenadier 1770.

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18th and 19th century (1800s) reproduction uniforms and clothing items including Federal, Regency, Romantic Era, Mexican War, Civil War, Victorian, Indian Wars and Span-Am War. Quality reproduction Civil War, Indian War, Spanish American uniforms. Secure on-line ordering.

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The 18th Century is a fertile period for wargaming, as there were major conflicts in Europe, some spirited small wars in the colonies, and gaming at sea enters a golden age for gamers - the Age of Fighting Sail.

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A rare and unusual Doucai moon flask, 18th century. 12¼ in (31.2 cm) high, hardwood stand. Estimate: $50,000-70,000. Offered in Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art on 23-24 September at Christie's in New York

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1.28%ANTIQUE RARE LENGTH JAPANESE SAMURAI SHINTO KATANA SWORD BLADE ~ 28 1/2" NAGASA. $305.00. 37 bids. $25.00 shipping. Ending Today at 6:36PM PST. Ended. War of 1812 Pay Voucher to Amasa Hall, Ensign …